oh motivation, where have you gone to?

i have to write a paper. i dont want to. i have to. i know this. its due at midnight. i'm not writing. i'm just thinking. and whining. and thinking some more.

damn the brain. why doesnt it shut other things out on command?



carl moved to tallahassee. awesome. carl = one of the best kids from the jacksonville days.

waterworks seems to be my new choice for bar hang outs.

some people talk, ALOT.

bailey's tv is broken. no more dinner-and-a-movie nights for a while. well, yeah at my place but its just no the same.

living in a neighborhood where your friends/neighbors drop by to bring you vegan cupcakes is AWESOME.

yesterday i wore shorts and a tshirt. today, its freezing and mysting.

i hate when a class could be so interesting and beneficial, but the teacher sucks at engaging students.

my dog doesn't know how to play with other dogs, nor does he want to. he's our little human. i like it that way.

i feel that in some parts of my life, i have no options anymore, and in others... too many.

my parents are the best.

i wish everything was artistic. one could argue that everything is, but really... if art was not part of the plan during its creation, then how could something be artful?

chinese food. so good.
friendship. so good.

get over yourself.

those are the facts.



so i never even think about this thing anymore. doubtful that it ever gets looked at anymore either.
but what the hell, a short update for the fun of it, and to postpone doing homework as long as i can.

today is valentine's day. wohoo. siiiike. lamest holiday ever. how is it even really a holiday? year 20, still no valentine. thus why the day is no big deal, it never has been.

school is good. one more year. i need 12 hours after this semester to be done with both of my degrees, 36 hours to graduate... i would triple major, but we dont have an undergrad urban planning program. so it's safe to assume i'll be taking a lot of bullshit classes, hopefully they'll be fun.

sweden is on the horizon. i'll be going sometime later this year. it's looking fairly promising. very cold, but i think i could learn to suck it up.

i'm going to try to get up to minneapolis in august, but that's if i can fit it around the wedding and possible surgery.

work is hectic as hell, but i wouldn't want to work anywhere else. i think finally, gasp, i'm getting sick of this place.

living by myself is proving to be on of the best decisions i've made in a while.

i like meeting famous people and flirting with them. so much more fun than actually acting on the innuendos.

so, overall, things have been on the up and up. of course complications take hold sometimes, but i feel that i've been good at bouncing back quicker than i used to be able to.

ahh, the feeling of growing up.



here's my news as of late:

2 finals this week.
1 research paper due.
2 essays/finals due.
0 computer to work with. <- due to water spillage on my kepyboard.

i'm tired. semi-hungover. real real sad that my computer is broken and will cost between 90 and 600 bucks to repair. lets hope for 90.
i went to a fancy christmas party for adam's work last night. it was a reall office party where theres catering and open bars and dancing. it was all quite fun mostly because there were about 8 of us and then allll old people. haha. ryan ferris dressed up as santa and did karaoke to baby got back. so awesome.
i'm trying to work on getting some of these paper's done today, but the power was out at all saints for an hour.
i'm beign unproductive right now. i should go.

anyhow. texas in 6 days!!! i don't think i could be more excited.



wow. its been forever since i even looked at this thing.

times have been busy, and there's either been too much i could update about or not enough... i cannot decide which. too many little things, not enough big ones.

however, it is thanksgiving, so i hope everyone has had a lovely day spent with the ones they care about. i cooked half of the food we ate today, (all vegan) and everyone loved it. so, i'm fairly excited about that.

the parents are discussing seeing harry potter IV in a little while. i'm not opposed to that, i would love a bike ride right now though.

on a more broad update:

i have moved into my new place. it's a one bedroom duplex- everything's new inside, it's pretty big, fairly cheap, close to friends, and its working out really well. i do go back to the old house every couple of days to say hey... and even though i have nothing in common with beth and rachel, i def miss them. and megan it goes without saying.

i will be in tx in decemeber. (the 16th through the 21st.) which will be amazing.

me and adam reid cooked dinner for the annual vegan thanksgiving potluck at trevors. and it was awesome. remarkably awesome. except maybe for the air-biscuits. but still. we make an awesome team.

i dunno what else. thats it for now really.



whats new?

i ate it on my bike the other day. and due to lack of cleaning supplies scrapes on my knee are a little less than pleasant looking. but i have it under control now.

philly got hit by a car last night. nothing serious, although they did call an ambulance for him, but he's completely fine, just scratches to show for it. i was at the hospital with him until 5 last night.

tallo-ween bike race this weekend. should be fun.

davey and his band are in town tonight, quite quite excited its been months since i've seen the dear. i've said it before and i'll say it again, he's one of my favorite people ever.

GIS midterm tomorrow.

watched a documentary about henry darger. look him up. very very interesting story and man.

me and trevor did brunch this morning. i ate so much tha tmy tummy hurts. not even just super full, it hurts.

hung out with nick at work and decided it was time to dress my wounds from the bike spill.

thats about it.

halloween's soon. i need a costume asap. any ideas? because i'll steal em. :)




today was just plain akward.

the whole day. really.

it was, however, enlightening.

and distressing. and fulfilling.

can i be more vague?

but hey, fall is in the air.
which makes it feel like i'm in love every time i walk out the door.
and for that i am thankful.